Off Road & 4WD

A relatively new venture for us, during CoVid we ventured into GVM/GCM Upgrades due to the ever increasing demand for Vehicle Upgrades to coincide with bigger and bigger Caravans on the market. We have solidified a relationship with both Lovells & Fulcrum to offer a very wide range of upgrades and vehicles along with an Engineer to sign off both Pre & Post Registration Certificates.

The GVM of vehicles has become a hot topic with Caravans, Boats and even Tradie Trailers taking standard vehicles well over their GVM leading to voided Insurance Claims and Defect Notices.

We can offer GVM/GCM Upgrades, Towing Upgrades, Lift Kits as well as a myriad of 4WD Accessories for Safety, Functionality & Appearance alike.

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