SC's owners also own and operate 99motorsport with a host of Customer Cars as well as their own Toyota86's & Audi RS3 TCR cars competing in their respective categories. Led by former Supercar driver Marcus LaDelle, the team has had a huge expansion over the last 3 years and continues to drive forward in 2024.

The 99MS Workshop is directly next door to SC allowing Customers the ability on most days to see the operation of a Race Team. From General Preparation to Component Assembly, Alignments to Crash Damage, you can see it happening here.

In 2024 99motorsport will prepare a number of TGRA86 cars for their upcoming Scholarship Championship, travelling with the Supercars. As well as now being an Audi Customer Racing Team racing in TCR Australia in the beautiful Audi RS3 TCR.

To follow us or check out where we are next, follow us on @ninety9motorsport on Socials or www.99motorsport.com.au